Use ‘Hey Siri’ hands-free

Apple-Iphone-SE-Tips-and-Tricks-The-Most-usefull-1Siri has always been a helpful companion on the iPhone, but she’s gained a few new tricks as of late. One of the best additions is a hands-free mode, letting you ask her questions without even unlocking your iPhone. Enable this new feature in Settings > General > Siri > Allow ‘Hey Siri’. You’ll need to configure Siri by repeating the phrase a few times, and then you’re away.









Take (or disable) Live Photos

Live Photos are kind of like the magical photos from Harry Potter. Whenever you take a photo with the mode enabled, you’ll get a few seconds of video before and after the photo was taken. It’s pretty awesome, but it can also use a lot of extra disk space (and the iPhone SE starts with only 16GB). You can disable the feature by pressing the icon (three concentric circles) in the top centre of the camera app; yellow means it’s enabled, and white means it’s disabled.







Sleep better with Night Shift

Night Shift is a brilliant new addition to iOS 9. Once enabled, it’ll shift the colour temperature of your display between sunset and dawn, making things look warmer (more yellow, less blue). There’s some research to suggest that this will make it easier for you to go to sleep in the evening, avoiding the effects of blue light exposure. You can enable and configure it in Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift.







Try out Apple Pay

Apple Pay makes it to a four-inch iPhone for the first time with the iPhone SE, thanks to the inclusion of a NFC chip and fingerprint reader. You can use the service to pay for all manner of goods and services, both in the real world (like shops and the Tube) and on your iPhone (when ordering from ASOS, for example). It’s easy to use, and definitely worth trying out.








Create a medical ID

One of the lesser known additions of iOS 8 was Medical ID, a store of critical information accessed via the emergency dialler screen. The idea is that even if you’re unable to speak, a rescuer would be able to see info like your date of birth, blood type, allergies and an emergency contact number. It’s worth setting up once, just in case you end up needing it.









Turn on Low Power mode

Low Power mode is a new addition to iOS, offering a way of stretching out your battery life to last through the day. Your iPhone will prompt you to enable the mode at 20% and 10% battery left, but you can enable it earlier if you want in Settings > Battery. The mode disables syncing and some visual effects, and turns the battery icon yellow to let you know it’s engaged.








Set an animated background

The iPhone SE comes with some nifty animated backgrounds, created from thousands of high-resolution photos taken by Apple. You can find them in Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a new wallpaper > Dynamic.









Find apps draining your battery

The new Battery section in the Settings menu is really useful, as it comes with a big list of apps and how much battery they’ve consumed. If you’re looking for the reason that your iPhone isn’t lasting as long as it used to, you just might find it here. Once you’ve identified a power-hungry app, you can uninstall it or restrict its operation.







Use Retina Flash for selfies

The iPhone SE comes with a new capability for selfie lovers: the entire screen can momentarily light up when taking a selfie in low light, illuminating your face without making you look like a zombie. Awesome!









Check out the new Notes app

The Notes app has never been the most exciting one on the iPhone, but it’s a solid option for writing stuff down. It’s recently been upgraded in iOS 9.3, with a new option to password-protect individual notes to protect against prying eyes. You can also format your text and include maps and images; all helpful stuff.








Take and edit 4K and slo-mo video

The iSight camera also enables you to record vibrant 4K video on the iPhone SE – so those of you with 4K TVs will finally have something to watch!

The powerful innards of the iPhone SE mean you can also edit up to two 4K streams on the handset as well, so you don’t need to plug your phone into a computer to make fantastic looking home videos.

The iPhone SE’s camera can also shoot amazing slow motion video. It can take super slow motion at 240fps at 720p resolution, or standard 120fps slow motion at 1080p.

To shoot in slow motion with the iPhone SE, open up the camera app, change to Video and swipe the menu at the bottom to change the shooting mode to Slo-Mo. From here you can switch between speeds as well.




Make use of faster wireless

The iPhone SE comes with loads of improvements over the iPhone 5S, and one of the areas where these improvements are most apparent is wireless and cellular connectivity.

The iPhone SE supports LTE (also known as 4G) cellular connections up to 150Mbps – which is faster than most people’s broadband connections.

This is also 50% faster than the speeds the iPhone 5S is capable of. The iPhone SE also supports more LTE bands, so when you’re making FaceTime calls, or just using regular voice calls, they should be clear and crisp.




Secure your iPhone SE with Touch ID

The iPhone SE comes with Touch ID, enabling you to unlock the device quickly and easily by pressing your finger on the home button.

It’s not quite as fast as Touch ID on the iPhone 6S, but it’s still a lot faster – and easier – than typing in a passcode each time.

You’ll be asked to set up Touch ID when you first turn on your iPhone SE – the procedure involves taking a number of scans of your fingerprint to be as accurate as possible. If you share your iPhone SE with other people you can add their fingerprints as well.



Make calls even without signal

The iPhone SE is also capable of Wi-Fi calling, enabling you to make and receive calls even if you have no cellular signal. With Wi-Fi calling, when the iPhone SE senses that you don’t have signal, it will use a Wi-Fi network to make and receive calls instead.

You don’t need any additional apps to make use of this feature, and it will switch between cellular and Wi-Fi automatically, so you don’t have to worry about being out of signal – you just need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

To turn the feature on go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling, and make sure the slider next to ‘Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone’ is set to On.




Use volume keys to take a picture

A long standing feature of iPhones, you can use the volume down key to take a photo when in the Camera app.

You can you can choose this option to brace the phone and take a more steady snap. Given the iPhone SE’s smaller dimensions, this can really help out, as you don’t need to tap the screen when taking a photo.




Up the brightness

There’s a lot of things to like about the screen of the iPhone SE, but unfortunately the contrast ratio isn’t one of them. If you are having trouble viewing certain things on the iPhone SE, or you’re disappointed with the image quality, then we recommend upping the screen’s brightness.This really helps, especially when watching movies, but it does bring a hit to battery – so you may end up having to weigh up having better image quality or having a longer battery life.

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