• Fiber Phone is a home phone/landline service
  • It falls under the Google Fiber umbrella
  • Costs $10/mo, initially launching in select US cities
  • Includes a phone number that lives in the cloud
  • Get calls at home, forward them to mobile devices
  • Unlimited local and nationwide calls and more

What is Google Fiber Phone and where can you get it?

Landlines are still a thing, apparently, but Google just introduced a service that aims to bring them up to date.

Google is getting into the home phone business, with a new service called Google Fiber Phone. It’s part of the company’s Fiber brand that consists of broadband internet and cable television. By adding a phone service, it’s essentially offering a triple-play package, which makes Google look like a modern-day cable provider, though we doubt it would like that comparison.

Google Fiber Phone is actually very similar to Google’s mobile Fi service.

You get unlimited local and nationwide calls, international calls (at rates that match what Google Voice charges), caller ID, call waiting, 911 service, voicemail transcription, privacy controls (like spam filtering, call screening, do-not-disturb), and the ability to answer calls from mobile devices.

You can even keep your existing phone number if you already have a landline service, or you can select a new one.

It’s a phone service. But you will get a standalone, wireless handset, which you can use to make your calls, Engadget has reported.

That being said, your Google Fiber Phone number “lives in the cloud,” according to Google’s blog post, thus allowing you to forward all calls from your home phone landline to your mobile device. In other words: you can be in your car or out and about, and then you can use your own smartphone ortablet to answer calls that would normally go to your house phone.

Google Fiber Phone costs a flat $10 a month (not including taxes and fees and international call rates).

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